could be useful, it divide mp3 big files in tracks, using a .cue file or adding manual brakpoints :)
Seems work for now (i've try only constant bitrate mp3) but i need testing.

thx all B7
Posted on 2004-07-03 08:26:09 by Bit7
Unfortunately you need to work a little more on the code :( . The following is constructive criticism!
I didn't know what's the format of the .cue file (I suppose it's got nothing to do with CD images) , so a quick reference or just 1 example is a must-have for bug testing. I made a .cue file, wrote in it the address of an mp3 song I've made, loaded the mp3, then loaded the cue, and :crash: at 0x00402DEC , reading memory 0x00188000. I tried to see with the MSVC debugger what's the problem (+ to give register values), but the main window of the app just stood on top of the screen, covering everything up. It was a hell to stop the debugger.
Making UI is both fun and unpleasant. Simple users should be considered mostly - what they expect the app to do _must_ always be met, the other stuff is just eyecandy for screenshots. GUI can ruin your app, no matter how good all of its other code is.
Now the fun part starts ....To make a better test, I imagined I'm a regular user with no knowledge on programming, and ran the app. The main window covering my taskbar, and having no restore/maximize surprised me .... but in a bad way. I saw the horizontal scrollbar, and moved the mouse over it, to see what its purpose is. No tooltip... ok that doesn't matter, if I move it, it'll show some changes in the window, and I'll understand what this scrollbar is. After all, the scrollbar is enabled, and shows there's a lot of data to scroll. I start dragging it, and the weirdest thing happens - the whole window moves, and it's hard to center it back. That scares me... Strike 1. I load an mp3, and see its properties. OK, some buttons more to press - it is good I can see what options I have. Now I think "aha, so now I can use the scrollbar". Silly me. The app makes me feel dumber... Now I have 2 options - open a cue file or add breakpoint. I don't have a cue file, so I test the breakpoint- and having the background of textboxes to be black isn't a good idea, nor is that they're empty - I don't know if empty fields will be accepted, so I'll have to spare more patience on the app to learn it. I stare a few more moments thinking on the format of the data I should write in the fields - I have to guess again. Damn, if only I was smarter, I could get this right away... I reach the field "Csec", and ouch what's this? I set a zero, and hurry to press OK, but there's no such button. I search "Cancel" - these 2 words (actully bitmaps) have been hard-wired in my head since I got the PC. Actually I don't think this, I just add up more impatience in myself , and start examining the two buttons I've been given. Ok, having inserted a breakpoint, I'm happy I see what I expected - to get it into that list. I got this app to split mp3s, so I look if I can finally use the SplitMP3 button.. yikes then I must create a cue file. OK, a few seconds' work, just Alt+TAB , and ..... AY why did the PC block ? Ah it didn't... aww why is this window again on top? Strike 2. Not only it takes the whole screen, but now it won't let other apps do it either. Damn, that small minimize button.. why'd Microsoft add those 3 damn pixels in the vertical axis, that I can't just roll the mouse up a lot... I wish there was a way for that... (And I don't know that it actually can be done, just no-one got the idea). So I say "M$ 5ux", and hit that minimize button, make a cue file with maybe the most obvious thing - one line with the mp3 filename, expecting when I open it, the app will guide me on the format of the file. I close Notepad, ready to return to the app and ... yikes where is it ? Ah, down there, hidden, as if I'd run it 24/7, instead of where it belongs, for these several minutes. I open my cue file, and then it crashes. Strike 3. I feel really dumb and miserable, and in the next moment I tell myself "I felt much better and smarter before I ran this app. I'll dump it", and hop - 192kB more on the HDD are now free. And the app doesn't get another chance until I found all other apps doing this job have much worse GUI.

Now, my suggestions:
Try to make the main window resizable, and flexible as a Notepad :) It's not really hard. I personally like when I see anything but thin borders - otherwise ... ahem I feel I might move some files of the background by mistake when trying to resize the window. The user will always use Windows Explorer to see the folders with files he wants to slice and dice, so you should make it more friendly towards other apps.
Moving the window by pressing anywhere in it, is suitable only for windows without caption - like WinAmp(5) and Sonique. People don't always hit the buttons they need, and moving the window is the last thing they need as a penalty.
The slider should be disabled when it can't be used. I see you got that feature with the buttons, so you just forgot to add the code for the slider, too. I can only think the slider is for the text above, but then it's really meaningless to have it I think.
All other stuff is OK.
I think I should mention that I was surprised the app is 140kB, I really expect it can be made less than 15kB. If you have included an mp3 decoder inside(though I couldn't reach to the point of seeing any), I am really sure it can be made 25-30kB or less. If you provide .cue file format, I'll be glad to continue tests.

my 2 cents
Posted on 2004-07-03 11:51:02 by Ultrano

please forgive me for the late replay,

i would really like to thank you for the great time spent in testing and writing your complete response.
I'm answering now, cause i would like to finish a 002 :) release, where i've applied many of your suggestions. Something is still to do becouse i've not much time in these days.

So, attached is the exe.

About the cue files, are just stupid text files, 3 are in the attachment but you could search for the cue you need at this cue search engine:

infinite thanks
Posted on 2004-07-07 17:17:06 by Bit7
this should finally be a completely working version.
Posted on 2004-07-13 05:47:36 by Bit7