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How can I get all the EPROCESS and ETHREAD structures from the RING3 ander win2k or XP? I have here Process Hide v1.0 which hides the process by modifing those structures from users priviledge level. But... I'm sorry, but I hardly understand what it does...

Can anyone help me? I need some info on how to get to those structures, maybe some example sources...
Thanx in advance... :stupid: :tongue:
Posted on 2004-07-06 06:51:21 by The CHEMI$T

The ETHREAD and EPROCESS structures are inside the kernel area, then you
will need to create a device driver to access these structures.

Process Hide is not effective against Klister, because Joanna Rutkowska
has updated his tool.

To learn how to create device-drivers:
Four-F tutorials link

To learn how to play with kernel:
Fun with Kernel Structures (Plus FU all over again)

To learn EPROCESS and ETHREAD structures, learn how to use WinDBG
Microsoft Debbuging Tools

Good luck, this is a very interesting area :alright:


Posted on 2004-07-07 09:49:03 by Opcode