hello, can someone explain this? I've installed masm32 and radasm early this morning and wanna make a project no resource file win32.

look in attachment for the screendump of the error
Posted on 2004-07-07 14:24:22 by raidu
Hi Raidu,

There should be a template for Win32 (no res) if not you can just convert an RC project by removing the ",4" from the link command, and uncheck the "Compile Resouces" option in "Project Options" (both Release and Debug). If there is an RC file in your project tree right click on it and remove it. Delete the RES folder and the RC file.

You will have to close and restart RadASM for this to take effect, it will no longer attempt to compile and link an RC file.
Posted on 2004-07-07 16:39:00 by donkey