I am completely new to Winasm Studio and MASM32. I have installed both, but the default linker in Winasm Studio is Redstub.exe, not link.exe. Why is this? I have not been able to find a way to change it.


Posted on 2004-07-08 15:01:26 by redneck
Redstub.exe should only be used for DOS projects, and it's not a linker... most likely the problem is in that your paths are not configured properly. Check out Tools->Options->FIles & Paths.

Hope that helps :)
Posted on 2004-07-08 17:17:28 by QvasiModo
You can try using Pelle's linker Polink, it comes also with the latest masm32 package.
Posted on 2004-07-09 04:51:32 by Vortex

link.exe is the 32-bit linker name and must be in your bin folder.

If you want to use a 16-bit linker (for your DOS projects), make sure your 16-bit linker is called "link16.exe" and resides in your bin folder. Redstub.exe is not a linker, but you need to have it in your bin folder, otherwise WinAsm Studio would hang when link16 was used to link your 16-bit programs.

I hope this helps,

Posted on 2004-07-09 05:49:54 by akyprian