I recently upgraded to HLA 1.67 from 1.59 or 1.60 ( don't remember now). But now the '-obj:path' switch seems to be unsupported although it's still listed as an option. BTW, this is on a Gentoo Linux system. Here's the output:

malone powersys $ make
hla -p:temp -obj:temp -e:powersys main.hla -ls
Illegal command line option '-obj:temp'
Usage: hla options filename(s)

HLA (High Level Assembler)
Written by Randall Hyde and released to the public domain.
Version 1.67 build 8927 (prototype)

-@ Do not generate linker response file.
-dxx Define VAL symbol xx to have type BOOLEAN and value TRUE.
-c Compile and assemble to .OBJ files only.
-e:name Executable output filename.
-i:path Include path (used to override HLAINC environment variable).
-s Compile to .ASM files only.
-sm Compile to MASM files only.
-sf Compile to FASM files only.
-st Compile to TASM files only.
-sg Compile to Gas files only (default for -s).
-gas Assemble using Gas (default).
-sym Dump symbol table after compile.
-test Send diagnostic info to stdout rather than stderr.
-p:path Use <path> as the working directory for temporary files.
-r:name <name> is a text file containing cmd line options.
-obj:path Use <path> as the directory to hold the object files.
-v Verbose compile (also sends output to stdout).
-? Display this help message.

HLA Environment Variables:

hlalib=<path> sets path to hlalib.lib file (e.g., /usr/hla/hlalib/hlalib.lib)
hlainc=<path> sets path to HLA include subdirectory (e.g., /usr/hla/include)
hlatemp=<path> sets path to directory to hold temp files (optional)
make: *** [build] Error 1
malone powersys $
Posted on 2004-07-09 08:57:17 by malone
Okay, I will look into this. There was a problem at one time, but I thought I had resolved this. I don't remember the details, so it will take a little investigation.

Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-07-12 15:05:08 by rhyde
It was definitely removed, based on some complaints with the -obj option under various versions of Linux (it doesn't always work properly for some reason, and I've never figured out why). Definitely the listing on the help screen should be adjusted to reflect this absence.

I don't recall why I removed this functionality other than there were some fundamental problems with it under Linux. I'll look back into the problem, but as I don't recall the issues at this point, I'll leery of reinstating the code.

Note that this is *real* easy to change yourself if you want to put it back it. There's just an IFDEF in the HLA.C file (which is a stand-alone C program). Eliminate the #IFDEF and you're back in business.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-07-13 10:16:27 by rhyde
Thanks for the info Randy. It's not a big deal, just a matter of convience. I can adjust the make process to do this ...

Posted on 2004-07-13 12:38:29 by malone