hey i have been looking for directdraw tutorials and i havent found any so i thought id try my luck here, does anyone know of any really good ones?
Posted on 2004-07-10 11:48:53 by njkt809
In your dreams. :)

what i found is one tutorial with basics and few unreadable codes. Good luck. and dont forget to post if you find something.

If you look for non ASM tutorial then it's not a problem.
Posted on 2004-07-10 12:30:21 by AceEmbler
:S someone should write one then :P
ok well ill look for C which should be easier to port right?
Posted on 2004-07-10 12:36:54 by njkt809
I was learning from C examples also but you need at least one ASM tut how to start.
Posted on 2004-07-10 13:04:40 by AceEmbler
ya, do u knwo of any?, possibly scrotny's website huh?
Posted on 2004-07-10 13:09:45 by njkt809
Posted on 2004-07-10 14:47:41 by Ultrano