Here's a sample of the documents I started a while back (in Word) that I'm converting to HTML Help. It's a slow painful experience because I'm doing it in Word (so I can have PDF version, also) and then converting to an HTML file (via GoLive) then having to import into RoboHelp (which has series defects when using HTML from a different editor) and in the end, it'll resemble the file that's attached.

It'll take me about 2 more weeks to complete but, give me your feedback, do you like it, not like it, what kinds of improvements (believe me, I have plans for improve the presentation and some of the organisational aspects)...

Posted on 2001-11-14 23:12:06 by _Shawn
.chm are a problem: not holded under 95. I know there is an M$
update somewhere, but, as you may know, it is usually almost
impossible to find anything at M$ Pages and when one finds something,
he usually has to download 2634 Megas of BloatWare to get the tiny
file he wants...

Well, good work anyway (I liked the FOR, because in SpAsm, we can do
it just like in Basic ;), i hope you will not forget to send the final
update to me, for the "32 Bits Assembly Tutorial Collection" (the rtf
version, if possible...).

By the way, if i remember well, i did not email you the anoucement of
the final publication. It is at:

I have uploaded, too, a tool for producing, in one single click, the exe
format versions of rtf files documentations. It is at:

the name is ''.

Bye, hold on, Betov
Posted on 2001-11-15 02:47:13 by Betov
Hi _Shawn

This could turn out to be very good. :alright:
Keep up your work.

Posted on 2001-11-15 02:54:17 by KetilO

.chm are a problem: not holded under 95.

Who cares about w95, really? It is crusty, old and unstable. Heck,
you even have to get updates to get winsock2. And as all the crappy
old win9x versions, there are so many thunks down to 16bit dos
and bios code. Yuck.

.chm is a very nice format. It has better layout possibilities than
the crusty old winhelp format. It is easier to navigate. Full-text-search
works better (I've had more than a few crashes trying to do fts in
big winhelp files). You can make "collections" of .chm files.

Shawn, great that you're not afraid to use new technology, especially
because it's a good format...
Posted on 2001-11-15 07:49:49 by f0dder
As for the document itself, I have had a quick look at it. I like the
formatting; plain, simple, but still nice to look at, and easy to read.
Clearly not abusing htmlhelp as I've seen some people do. :alright:

The contents are also nice, and will probably be a good read for
people who are new to asm but have a HLL baground. Keep up the good work!
Posted on 2001-11-15 07:54:41 by f0dder
Well, Fodder, this is the wrong place for a great debate. Just my
position: As an Open Source programmer i do *not* play the game
of commercial war updates. So, i still work usually under 95 and i
have a test conputer with 2000 server just to verify that what i
write runs under NT family. Several SpAsm users still use 95. The
fact that 95 is an old shiet, and that i have to reboot from time
to time, is zero interrest to me.

My position is the same for *any* new thing or format. I avoid
contributing to M$ money and power and try to keep away from any
new things as long as i can. For example, i take care of *not*
using any instruction more recent than x386. There are still people
using x386 around the world and i am not going to say to them:
"Well, if you want to run my app, just buy an updated thing".

Yes, .chm is a good format (at least better than .hlp). This is not
a reason for using it. It will be a pain for Open Source OS volunteers
to write readers for all these damned BloatWare Formats. This is one
reason why i wrote 'Docker'. If you want a great search feature in it,
you may write it instead of pushing M$ great C Algo.

I hope the days are coming soon, when i will have the possibility to
answer: "Who cares of XP and friends?".

Posted on 2001-11-15 10:02:12 by Betov

The reason why I'm still writing it in Word originally, before it goes into the two different HTML editors for purification (alas, RoboHelp Corrupts it, just right click and view source to see what I mean)... is so I can send you your rtf and produce a pdf version.

Posted on 2001-11-15 13:56:48 by _Shawn
Looks great

Should be useful for ASMers going to C or Vis versa.
Great work

Posted on 2001-11-17 00:58:35 by fiddler
_Shawn, maybe there is another way. Why don't you write your docs directly in HTML (maybe with 1st page, free and good HTML code editor, Then you can open them with Word and save them as .rtf for Betov. After that print your docs to file using a PostScript printer driver obtaining .ps. From a linux use the tool ps2pdf to automatically convert them to .pdf (the .rtf and .pdf steps are quite fast, at least faster than using two HTML editors to clean the code :grin: ).
Posted on 2001-11-17 02:45:09 by LuHa