Hi All,

I want to get started with AVR family of microcontollers.But I don't have a good programmer tell now I have the one desinged by jerry meng but it didn't work with me please if any one know a good tried one please post.

Posted on 2004-07-19 04:57:38 by amr

Its easy to build your own in-circuit programming port. See these links for a free software programmer and schematics. I have done this myself, it works perfect. Or you can order their programmer.


Posted on 2004-07-21 01:00:28 by SideSwipe
if you really start liking atmels microcontrollers you can consider buying a development board (STK500 or sth). it will program most avr's and has some nice debugging stuff, like led's, switches and jumpers to enable/disable feats.
Posted on 2004-07-21 04:00:30 by Mbee

I have a problem actually, I want to program a fuse on my chip and it can't be programmed using the serial programming.

So, have any one made a parallel progamming progammer.........

and thanks for help,

Amr Turk
Posted on 2004-07-23 02:49:40 by amr