i m new in masm32 i want any book about it
Posted on 2004-07-21 16:08:42 by manklee
masm32 has its hlp files comming with it.
Posted on 2004-07-21 16:11:30 by wizzra
masm32 is a package! A group of examples, help files, an assembler (MASM / ML.EXE), disassembler, editor, linker (LINK.EXE) etc. It is not 1 single thing, so there is no 'book' about it. If you want a 'book' about it, the best you can do is probably MSDN, the help files (included in the package as wizzra pointed out), the Iczelion tutorials (plenty of MASM related topics) and Webster / Ranall Hydes website, plenty of learning links! http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AsmTools/MASM/

Posted on 2004-07-22 01:29:46 by SubEvil
thanks for all
Posted on 2004-07-22 04:15:59 by manklee

Also, don't forget to check Hutch's website:

Posted on 2004-07-22 12:25:09 by Vortex
Posted on 2004-07-22 23:23:29 by manklee