Is passible to hide processing from CTRL-ALT-DEL on win2k use masm32?
Posted on 2004-07-26 22:03:16 by realcr
"probably", and "probably requires some work".

This kind of question fires a "why do you want to do this" question, though.
Posted on 2004-07-26 23:14:15 by f0dder
One would hope not.
After all, if you could intercept the ctrl-alt-del sequence then you could write a "login simulator" that could be used to steal people's passwords. The Federal Government (US) has some issues with computer systems that don't provide enough security to prevent this. Press on the "help" button when you log in to Windows and you can see this issue described.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-07-30 12:45:53 by rhyde
"probably" are there some articles about this subject. and it isn't called "hiding from ctrl-alt-del" but more something like "process hiding" ("probably")
Posted on 2004-07-31 03:38:36 by Mbee