Hi Everyone
I'm still struggling to get html query info passed to cgi program
Here is what I have but it's just showing the file

When I want to see
Once I get that, then I got to figure how to just get Andy
But I have to figure out the first part


Here's the source


Posted on 2001-11-15 23:31:26 by andy981
The problem is the concept:
(From Hey I made an ASM CGI )

In the CGI world we use the QUERY_STRING environment variable to pass arguments, etc. from the client side. The client has no real way of pasing command line arguments. Through tricks (like a batch file) you can pass args on the server side.

When a client submits a page data can be retrieved from StdIn.

The attached demonstrates the query string.

p.s. I highly recommend using Apache on your home PC to test your scripts. Then you can write a batch file to run a debugger on your program.
Posted on 2001-11-16 04:17:30 by eet_1024