I have an OmniVision M3188A monochrome digital camera with the OV7120 chip. I made a little board with a PIC16F876 and I linked the board with the camera to the printer port, with corresponding ECP "compliant" pins (with HostClk and HostAck etc.) I read that in ECP mode I can achieve ~2.5MB/s transfer rate (in EPP or ECP mode) wich would be enough for me. I read somwhere that even 6MB/s can be achieved if the parallel port controller is pled on the PCI bus, which is the case in today computers.

I would like to write a driver under WinXP to handle the data aquisition in ECP mode using DMA, but I have no clue about handling DMA transfers under WinXP and to acces the printer port using ECP mode.

Can you advise me something, where can I start to look after it?

Posted on 2004-07-29 10:05:24 by bszente