DirectX7 D3D include files?

After succesfully and painless importing of DirectSound and DirectInput (both DirectX7) in my 3D-Engine I am now ready to start a game.

But my software-renderer has no z-buffer and in games are often (with dynamic objekts) situations where renderingerrors (z-fighting) occur (because of the lack of the z-buffer).
So now I have 3 options:

# Stay sw-rendering without z-buffer (fast, but I thing I have to do then some/much dynamically subdividing of the static geometry arround a dynamic object to minimize this).
# Stay sw-rendering with z-buffer (I think eventually to slow).
# Hardwarerendering with D3D (DirectX7).

With D3D I would only use flatshading/z-buffer (initially).
Is there a source to get the neccesary include files/Examplesourece for masm? (Only have found includefiles for DirectX8 and higher, but I can not install DirectX8 on my old machine)

Thanks in advance
Posted on 2004-07-31 03:15:24 by VShader