Please test out my demo and let me know what you think, any comments or suggestions.

It runs much faster and I'm happy to report, no leakage :) - 128k zipped, includes 2 bitmap files, the tile bitmap is
borrowed from another website.

press the arrow keys to move and the space bar to stop and change player frame temporarily..

my specs on this machine.. I notice there is some slight tearing the on the fast moving diagonal tile, but
then the mscvrt.dll file is corrupted and opengl only works in software mode, THANK YOU POPUP
VBS-SCRIPTING WEBPAGE HIJACKING WIPEBUTTS - if you're going to do that kind of thing, PLEASE
MAKE SURE IT WORKS.. <ok I feel better now>.

Also I am incrementing the tile every 4 pixels and the player every 1 pixel.. with an integer GetTicks() delay of 2 for timing. On my home machine it won't be any faster but in theory since it is better cpu and all, should be smoother.


CPU Identification utility v1.9 (c) 1997-2002 Jan Steunebrink
CPU Vendor and Model: Intel PentiumIII-E 600-1000 (or 450-900 mobile) C0-step
Internal CPU speed : 794.1 MHz (using internal Time Stamp Counter)
Clock Multiplier : Available only in Real Mode!
CPU-ID Vendor string: GenuineIntel
CPU-ID Signature : 0686
?_?_?_???? Stepping or sub-model no.
?_?_???? Model: Indicates CPU Model and 486 L1 cache mode
?_???? Family: 4=486, Am5x86, Cx5x86
?_ 5=Pentium, Nx586, Cx6x86, K5/K6, C6, mP6
?_ 6=PentiumPro/II/III, CxMII/III, Athlon, C3
?_ F=Pentium4
???? Type: 0=Standard, 1=Overdrive, 2=2nd Dual Pentium
Current CPU mode : Protected
Internal (L1) cache : Enabled in Write-Back mode

Posted on 2004-08-04 13:38:52 by drarem
On my home PC it runs about the same speed and smoothness, the tile moving diagonally every 4 pixels appears a little more jerky.

home PC: P4 3.06Ghz HT yadayada
Posted on 2004-08-04 20:23:25 by drarem
Posted on 2004-08-05 05:11:44 by kiran
128 RAM
Posted on 2004-08-05 05:13:29 by kiran