I am new you can tell by this question what does it mean when it says put ml.exe in your pathand link right know i have the .asm what do you do then?
Posted on 2004-08-05 03:27:29 by suppy376
did you download the masm compiler from iczelion's site? http://spiff.tripnet.se/~iczelion/files/m32v82r.zip

in the zip you can find QEditor, put your asm file in the same directory, open it with QEditor, then goto Project ==> Assemble & Link

after that you can find your exe file in the same map as the .asm

i think this is what you mean?
Posted on 2004-08-05 05:27:26 by diguin
Well I have tryed that before i keep getting an error.
I am at the part I have the .asm file I am tyring to make it a .obj I need help makeing that.
Posted on 2004-08-05 05:50:12 by suppy376
maybe post your error? :confused:

or add me on msn so i can help you there, my eamil ishttp://www.asmcommunity.net/board/cryptmail.php?tauntspiders=in.your.face@nomail.for.you&id=e49fb7f6b5ec195f82994791fac7e7f4
Posted on 2004-08-05 10:50:15 by diguin
What this means is that you need to put ml.exe (C:MASM32BIN) in your path. You can do this by editing the autoexec.bat file and adding the following line at the bottom:


You can edit the autoexec.bat file using "sysedit" (start/run type sysedit hit enter, find the window that says autoexec.bat stick that at the bottom and save the file)

Then it should work fine for you :)
Posted on 2004-08-05 21:02:58 by
Ok thanks codelizard but, how do I make it a .obj?
Posted on 2004-08-05 22:16:59 by suppy376
I get this error
Assembling: C:WINDOWSDesktopmsgbox.asm
C:WINDOWSDesktopmsgboc.asm<10> : error A2166: structure field expected
Assemly Error
Press and key to contine . . .

I also added you to my msn itshttp://www.asmcommunity.net/board/cryptmail.php?tauntspiders=in.your.face@nomail.for.you&id=f8dda844e9a655790d7f8b3d9c173b8f
Posted on 2004-08-08 12:15:33 by suppy376