I need to convert @Line macro to literal but I don't know how!!! :(

I want to create something like this

invoke MessageBox, hWnd, SADD(@CatStr("Error in line:", @Line)), addr AppName, MB_OK + MB_ICONERROR

SADD definition

; ---------------------
; literal string MACRO
; ---------------------
literal MACRO quoted_text:VARARG
LOCAL local_text
local_text db quoted_text,0
EXITM <local_text>

; --------------------------------
; string address in INVOKE format
; --------------------------------
EXITM <ADDR literal(quoted_text)>
Posted on 2004-08-08 07:26:19 by greenant
I think it's %@Line or perhaps %(@Line). But you'd better not use this approach or you'll have lots of "Error in line:xxx" messages in your exe.
Posted on 2004-08-08 09:48:00 by Sephiroth3
This is used only for debug
Posted on 2004-08-08 09:53:13 by greenant