While disassembling some code, I got:

WinDBG disassembly:
0040101b 89449ddc         mov     [ebp+ebx*4-0x24],eax

PEBrowse Professional disassembly:
0x40101b: 89449DDC       mov      dword ptr [ebp+ebx*4],eax     

What is currect disassembling code ?

Thanks for any help...

Posted on 2004-08-12 06:21:52 by Opcode
WinDBG is right, PeBrowses code is 89449d00 as hex. You can check it yourself by assembling those disassembled instructions again and then checking the result with hex editor.
Posted on 2004-08-12 06:57:20 by SamiP
Thanks Samip,

I will report this to SmidgeonSoft.

Posted on 2004-08-12 07:07:12 by Opcode