Hi all -

I was just wandering how would one go about to make all printing request query the user on the ammount of pages before printing to a network printer. I don't know what the api's are and so i have no idea how to implement this. I would like to adchieve this system wide; just a simple message box querying yes or no.

{printing command send}
--->Hold the request;
--->resume printing
--->delete request.

Hints are all i am asking for - :)

Thank you in advance
Black iCE
Posted on 2004-08-15 02:10:33 by Black iCE
hi,black ice
You can use the EnumJobs API to view the job of printer.
but,i don't know how to Hold the request;
Posted on 2004-08-26 01:54:17 by gaoym0
Hey, thats what i am talking about. Thank you very much - i now have a starting point.... and that api looks exactly what i wanted. Thank you gaoym0!!!!
Posted on 2004-08-26 02:39:20 by Black iCE
AbortDoc seems plausable - could be what is needed to delete a enqued print job.

FlushPrinter - hold the print job ... just place it in a loop i presume so that when yes is pressed it send it to the printer. (delay = 1 second)
Posted on 2004-08-26 03:10:30 by Black iCE