Using Hex as possible as you can, and calculating Hex number in your brain :)
Posted on 2004-08-16 23:30:40 by em_fans
I tried to download the file, but when I want to extract it, WinRAR says that the file is corrupt. Did I do something wrong?
Maybe you should try to upload once again the archive. Thanks
Posted on 2004-08-26 14:04:47 by bszente
bszente, your are right. WinRAR outputs these messages:

C:\Downloads\hexplus.rar: Unexpected end of archive
C:\Downloads\hexplus.rar: CRC failed in hexplus.exe. The file is corrupt
Posted on 2004-08-26 14:42:17 by Vortex
i guess it is the new board and such, i downloaded it before and then it worked. nothing very interesting though :oops: (sorry)
Posted on 2004-08-26 16:35:45 by lifewire