I am coding a server which is to support Socksv4 Proxy on a default listening port. I set up two windows sockets messages whoch both point at hWnd, and I get me two socket handles, and one I set up as a Listening socket using WSAAsynchSelect then Listen, the other I dont use yet... when I get incoming connection, I accept it and when I get incoming data I parse it for being socksv4-Connect data. If it is, I extract the destination IP and Port, and I call WSAASynchSelect and then I normally would next call Connect, but in my case I keep getting an error on the second call to WSAASynchSelect, being 10014, WSAEFAULT, which in the SOckets Helpfile under WSAAsynchSelect is described as being a "bad namelen argument" ... I'm using ws2_32.dll on Windows XP - why does it work the first time and not the second? Any ideas?
Posted on 2001-11-17 05:29:54 by EvilHomer2k