HLA v1.69 is now available on the HLA download page at

HLA, the High-Level Assembler is an assembly language
development system that makes learning and using assembly
language as easy as working with high-level languages.

HLA runs under both Windows and Linux and
well-written programs are portable between the
two OSes with nothing more than a recompilation
of the source code - a unique feature among assembly

HLA provides the full capabilities of assembly language
on the 80x86 processor, while introducing some high-level
features to help you learn assembly faster, write assembly
code easier than ever before, and write readable and
maintainable assembly code.

HLA also provides the "HLA Standard Library", a set of
hundreds of different useful utility subroutines that you can
call from your assembly language programs. Naturally,
full source code for the HLA stdlib is available.

HLA is fully support with thousands of pages of documentation
including "The Art of Assembly Language" (published by
No Starch Press, http://www.nostarch.com) and hundreds
of example programs. See the following URL for the
electronic version of AoA and the example code:
Other documentation and examples:

HLA is open-source and 100% free, public domain, code.
There are absolutely no restrictions on the use of HLA
and the HLA Standard Library.

HLA v1.69 corrects a couple of defects that would crash
the compiler under certain circumstances. This version
also includes a completely rewritten set of memory
management routines in the HLA Standard Library
(higher performance, more portable across OSes,
and corrections to various defects).
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2004-08-18 13:33:53 by rhyde