It seems the pay has been too slow lately for me so did some more work on this. Must get back to hardware now so here's what I have.
I fixed problem with it hanging when search string doesn't exist. Also It has more accurate Memory size computing. It shows my Laptop to be 234Meg.
Definately alot smoother operation and I have done a good bit more description on it's operation with examples in the "MemView.txt" file.
I did notice that when doing a search in XP it sometimes pulls up a page of FF's. If you keep trying it will get it and it does report correct physical address first time. So if you have same problem you can plug in address and turn off search mode to veiw that memory address.
Posted on 2004-08-18 22:38:38 by mrgone
:?: Could you please check your file.
I've downloaded it several times and the archive is
always corrupted.

Posted on 2004-08-24 17:12:16 by yrret
repeat upload
Posted on 2004-08-24 17:22:34 by mrgone