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I am programming an application, which have a date time picker control. I want to set a value(SYSTEMTIME) for a datetime picker control, and this value I get from other dialog by Month View Calendar. This is the function I tried to use but it dit not run:

invoke SendMessage,hDateTimePicker,DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME,GDT_VALID,addr selectedTime

selectedTime is a SYSTEMTIME variable I got from Month View Calendar. I want that when I selected a day from Month View Calendar, it will open another dialog which has a datetime picker control with the date is the date I selected

I use WinAsm, and MASM 8.2.
Thank you very much!

@Admin: I just know that there one page for control, and I do not know how to move this to that page,so I posted this topic on that page. Please help me delete this topic on this page. Thanks
Posted on 2004-08-25 11:18:01 by kakashi
Or you can write a driver. There is a sample one here.
Posted on 2004-08-25 13:19:41 by mrgone