For many years I have enjoyed the best dark chocolate I could consume - smooth and bitter (+70% cocoa). :) For me, milk spoils the chocolate - like milk in coffee.
Posted on 2004-08-26 16:45:04 by bitRAKE
white is way more yuummmier than the regular brown/black chocholate :)
Posted on 2004-08-26 18:20:46 by wizzra
I like chocolate with nuts.
Posted on 2004-08-26 18:49:07 by Jurgen
No thanks, I'll take the coffee (black) and will give my wife of 20 years the dark chocolate.

Posted on 2004-08-27 01:48:33 by bushpilot
I can't really handle any chocolate, it just tastes way too sweet to me. If i'd have to choose, i would take the white one. It would take years for me to eat a bar of dark/brown chocolate...
Posted on 2004-08-27 02:02:10 by Petroizki
I like it with milk or with rasins.
Posted on 2004-08-27 06:12:10 by roticv
Milk or white chocolate for me. I don't really like dark chocolates at all, they taste too rich :wink: .
Posted on 2004-08-27 07:03:49 by Eóin
With milk :)
Posted on 2004-08-27 09:40:27 by bj1500
I know there are cultures that cook with chocolate over meat with spices, but I've never tried it. Some cheeses are very good with chocolate.
Posted on 2004-08-27 11:04:43 by bitRAKE
Milk :)
Posted on 2004-08-27 11:46:03 by Vortex
WHAT!! No smeared all over my ____ option?

I like chocolate milk.
Posted on 2004-08-27 12:22:43 by ThoughtCriminal
Extra dark for me
Posted on 2004-08-27 12:29:20 by BogdanOntanu
A Mexican friend told me about something called Mole Sauce - a spicy nutty chocolate topping for the main dish - she said it is not sweet. She is going to cook for me soon to let me know what it tastes like.
Posted on 2004-08-27 19:40:19 by bitRAKE
I had some nerve damage when my wisdom teeth were extracted (over a decade ago) - from that day on I could not abide sweet things.
I'm particularly taken with a Mexican bitter cocoa made by a company called Pacifica - it's like a smooth coffee with chocolate overtones.
Posted on 2004-08-29 07:13:10 by Homer
Get a Nestle's tin of QUIK chocolate, make a medium size cup that is VERY strong chocolate, add sugar and milk if you like then add about a quarter of a nip of Glenfiddich, its that good it sticks to you. :-D
Posted on 2004-08-29 07:46:26 by hutch--