Today is Onam. It is a traditionl harvest festival celebrated in our state. We have a big meal in the afternoon (yum!!) call a Sadya. We make a flower carpet in front of our houses. The story behind it is that once there was this king called Mahabali (also called Maveli) . He was very just and his kingdom was like Utopia. The people lived happily. The story goes that the Gods became jealous of him and one Lord Vishnu went down to him as a boy ( called Vamana) . The boy asked him for a piece of land to build a monastery. He said that he needed only three paces of land. Mahabali was very generous and agreed to this. The first step of the boy covered the whole kingdom of Mahabali. The second step covered the whole sky. Now Mahabalinever broke his word. He offered his own head for the third step. And vishnu pushed him down into hell. . Well not exactly hell. Its a place called 'Paatalam' . Dunno much abt it :) . Anyway he asked for a favor before being pushed down that he wanted to visit his subjects once a year. Vishnu agreed. So every year it is believed that Maveli comes to visit his people on Onam. We lay the flower carpets to welcome him. :)

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There is a mistake in some of those saying that only hindus celebrate Onam. That is wrong. Okay, the legend is from the Hindu folk tales but all the people of Kerala celebrate Onam regardless of religion.:) :alright: . I can't wait to drink Payasam. :tongue: 8) :) :D :) 8) :alright:

Thomas Antony :alright: :tongue: 8) :) :D :) 8) :alright:
Posted on 2004-08-28 00:48:16 by thomasantony
Happy Onam.

Tomorrow I celebrate a holiday that I like to call "Saturday"
Posted on 2004-08-28 02:39:24 by iblis
Indeed, happy onam to you all! :)
Posted on 2004-08-28 03:32:31 by lifewire