I tried sending a similar message to the forum about a week ago, but somehow it never got through.

Is the toolbar in RADASM supposed to be active? I'm familiar with both the Visual Studio and Borland Resource tools, but can't seem to make use of the Resource tools that RADASM provides.

For example, whether you open a new project or bring up one of the samples, there doesn't seem to be any way to drag an object from the toolbox to the Resource screen. You can type info - which is terrific if you want to figure out the Id numbers and names of the resources you want to include. But clicking on e.g. a Button tools and either dragging or just clicking on the resource area does nothing.

What am I missing? RadAsm seems like a wonderful little tool, but only theoretically right now. How do you use the toolbox?

Thanks for any assistance, I'm eager to start playing with this.
Posted on 2001-11-17 17:16:42 by Dwayne Childers