Who knows how to use the "IReferenceClock Interface" in DirectSound. :?

So far I've tried this with no result:

QueryInterface,GUID_(IID_IReferenceClock),addr g_pDSmt_timer
returns: "E_NOINTERFACE"

(from strmbase.lib)
GetInterface,GUID_(IID_IReferenceClock),addr g_pDSmt_timer
program crashes..

I want to use the "AdviseTime" function.
Need it for a timer-interrupt in my modplayer.

hopefully someone can give me a hint....
Posted on 2004-08-30 22:56:05 by Siekmanski
Got it !!!!!

invoke CoCreateInstance,GUID_ADDR(CLSID_SystemClock),NULL,CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER,GUID_ADDR(IID_IReferenceClock),addr g_pDSmt_timer

Now I'm able to simulate the CIA-Timer from the AMIGA.......
Posted on 2004-08-31 09:30:28 by Siekmanski