512b contest is an open competition, which goal is to create an operating system that will fit in one sector (512 bytes). Entries have to be written in FASM.


    [*]Valid entries are those submitted at before 1/10/2004 00:00 (GMT)
    [*]The maximum size for all code and data compiled, is limited to 512 bytes, but there is no
    limit on size of memory used.
    [*]The OS should be stand alone and boot without any external assistance, but use of BIOS is allowed.
    [*]The winning OS will be the one, judged to have the largest number of different features, or the best single feature, that fits in the given limit and is self booting.
    [*]It is in the interest of the participant to make it run in BOCHS, as this is what most people will test it with, but not mandatory.
    [*]There is no limits to the used algorithms or data compression as long as decompresser fits within given limit.
    [*]The winner is defined by public vote and arbitrated by me (decard)
    [*]All entries must be able to be assembled with Fasm .
    [*]All entries, must provied source code for there OS, but not until, after the 1/10/2004 00:00 (GMT), if after 1/10/2004 00:00 (GMT) the winner does not provide the source code they will be disqualified.
    [*]Only Fasm Forum Members will be allowed to enter and vote, no participant can vote for there own entry, and each member is limited to one entry.

    Good luck!
Posted on 2004-09-02 14:04:58 by decard

i also wanna propose a contest: peoples should give me gift, and i choose the one i like more.

gifts must be made of gold, jewelry, or also can be animals, like albine tigers, or decorated elephants.


ps: others gifts validity will be judged case-by-case by me
Posted on 2004-09-02 16:25:30 by ancev
vesa allowed?use of things like bios fonts?
Posted on 2004-09-03 01:14:06 by HeLLoWorld
vesa allowed?use of things like bios fonts?

Yes, you have everything that BIOS can offer :) just remember to fit in 512 bytes.
Posted on 2004-09-03 01:31:14 by decard