Hi i am bron and i couldn't login in so i created this new account. It seems that some of my recent threads were deleted by the hacker, because i can't find them.

And since i have this thread open let me ask a question. I have Windows and i try to upgrade to Windows XP, and i put the CD in the CR-ROM and the choose "Install Windows XP". After that an error message comes up which says "The option to upgrade will not be available at this time because setup was unable to load the file D:\1356\WIN9XUPG\W95UPG.DLL" and i click ok ( there is nothing else to click ). And then everything seems normal, and when i click Install the only option there is is advanced instalation, with the warning that existing files may be lost.

My question is, will my files be lost if i install the new OS? Because that would be terrible.

Posted on 2004-09-02 18:40:23 by bron2
I have never tried upgrading from Win9x to XP, maybe it can't be done. In any case, you are doing yourself a huge favour if you do a clean install, even though it is more work.

And you will only lose files if you format your drive, you don't lose them just because you upgrade.
Posted on 2004-09-03 01:11:36 by sluggy
I back up sluggy's statement. Clena installs are the only way to do, even though there's the hassle of reinstalling a lot of applications and such. The state of the system will be so much better...
Posted on 2004-09-03 03:16:47 by f0dder
ok i installed the new OS, but now it can't find my sound card. What should i do? I don't even rememver what's my sound card. ( i know that it can't find it because windows media player says so and it can't play any music )

that 's the biggest problem i think. please help

also, windows media player can't find my playlists, and alhough my programs are installed in the old C, they are not installed in the OS ( and when i go to start->all programs there is almost nothing ). I can find my programs, but Win XP thinks nothing is installed. What do i do about it?

Please help, especially with the audio card
Posted on 2004-09-03 06:04:31 by bron2
I don't even rememver what's my sound card

I recommend you to open your computer case and look after your soundcard or the soundchip if it is an integrated one.
After you know the type you can find out the manufacturer, and you may download the proper driver for it.

Or... if you have a genuine Intel mainboard then you should go to http://support.intel.com website. Search for your mainboard and for the proper audio drivers.

Or... if you have integrated VIA AC97 codec or something like this, then you should download the Via sound drivers from the http://www.viaarena.com

Good luck.
Posted on 2004-09-03 14:01:35 by bszente
You could always download one of those diagnostics programs and they will tell you what your sound card is, without opening lol, saves time I guess :)
Posted on 2004-09-03 22:01:08 by x86asm
what diagnostic program is that? where can i download it?

also, how can i make the registry know that i have those programs installed?
Posted on 2004-09-04 04:05:27 by bron2