:confused: Hello, can anyone tell me where there is a good descriptive windows API reference?!
Thank you,
Posted on 2001-11-18 04:31:22 by adamjjackson
Go to this site, the SpAsm Homepage.

You'll find a Win32 help along with some other very useful help files.

Indeed you could also tru the assembler, you may find it to your liking. :)
Posted on 2001-11-18 05:41:23 by Eóin
The best place has to be MS's own site:


there is a mammoth amount of information available there.
Posted on 2001-11-18 07:34:39 by sluggy
Yup, I use WIN32.HLP as a guide, but it is a little dated. My copy is from 4/16/1996.

For the latest info use MSDN. This page lists functions by category:


You can also purchase the MSDN CD (3 cd set) for something like $17. It's a copy of the entire MSDN site, copied quarterly.


PS - They also offer MSDN on DVD now.

Edited again to fix a couple typos. More coffee. MORE COFFEE!!!
Posted on 2001-11-18 07:43:27 by S/390
Yeah, otherwise you can download (if you've a good connection speed) the SDK at:
But all the files take 342 Mo compressed, but in fact you must have 1.4 Go of free disk place. (!!!:confused: ):( .
It's dated from the 1/8/2001 (I mean 1 august 2001, because in France we write 'day/month/year'.
I still use the old Win32hlp because 1.4 Go, that's too much <=> ~12 Mo for the hlp file.

Sorry, I wrote Go and Mo, in fact it's Gb and Mb, In France, we don't say bytes but 'octets', a French word.
Posted on 2001-11-18 08:24:35 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Heh, you french people are weird =). Anyway, you can rip out the
.chm files, header files and libraries, and throw away the rest of
the psdk (well, after installing of course). The full set of help files
is around 90 megs or so, which definitely is a bit more than win32.hlp.
But there's a lot more information in there. And you can always just
pick out the help files you need, make a .col file of those, and delete
the rest.

There's a lot of stuff in the psdk. 80 megs of redistributables, 76 megs
of samples, 161 megs of libs (15 if you exclude the IA64 crap ;),
35 megs of header files... and another 50 megs of binaries. And this
is just the *core* psdk...
Posted on 2001-11-18 09:01:56 by f0dder
:alright: Hey, thanks a lot, you people are great. Any tips on how you all know so much?
I hardly know a thing, thanks for your help,
Posted on 2001-11-18 15:53:37 by adamjjackson
... by devoting a bit too much time to computerstuff ;). Reading a
lot of books, notes, sourcecode, disassembles. Talking with persons
who know even more than me... it's not like it hasn't been a long
process ;).
Posted on 2001-11-18 16:22:37 by f0dder
Vom-bonjour:-(), the 1.4 Gb is a fake :grin:, I have downloaded it and unpacked, it is 395.644.085 byte and now I have it on a CD-R. On my HD I have installed only platform SDK documentation and samples (for a total of 179.704.296 byte, 96.393.082 byte help and 79.833.241 byte samples).

PS: Why USA uses a reverse order for day/month? Day, month, year, from little to big, easy.
Posted on 2001-11-18 16:42:20 by LuHa
YYYY/MM/DD is the format I like best. It's better for sorting you know =).
Posted on 2001-11-18 16:50:43 by f0dder

I think day/month looks a little funny. I for one confuse it once in a while. Ill see 12/08/01 and think its december 8th hehe.. I have to look at who wrote the page to know :)
Posted on 2001-11-18 16:53:37 by Torch
Sorry, i didn't know all about the SDK, because I've just download and written it on CDR, but i have not opened it. Thanks for the info about that.
What does 'weird' means, it looks like to be unpleasant :mad: .
I'm jocking :alright: f0dder.
French people are not weird I think, but I know weird French.
But have someone already been in France, and what does this one remember of it. Do you know Paris and all the old building ??

I'm not doing advert for France.

Torch you find day/month a little funny, I really prefer the f0dder think, it's more logical to sort. As Torch said, it's confusing (for me) to see month/day/year, only when <13 hehe.;) . Many times I think 01/02/03 meant february, the first, year 2003, instead of january, the second, year 2003.
Why don't we make a 'common rule' for that :tongue:
And we could also make just one language for all the people on the Earth :tongue: . Well I think French could be cool, and also hard for not French people.

Don't believe I think all I've said here, I was jocking of course.

PS:Did you see: During the last week, France teams met Australian teams (hi to Hutch in Sydney)

We play against Australia in:
-tennis: we lost
-rugby: we won (even they are Champions of the World)
-soccer (football we say in France, because American football doesn't exist in Europe)
: we won (we are still Champions of the World)
Posted on 2001-11-18 17:22:20 by Vom-bonjour:-()

Don't believe I think all I've said here, I was jocking of course.

LOL, the word you want is 'joking'. A jock is either an athlete with no brains (i.e. a gridiron linebacker, or Shane Warne), or it is something that is related to the male groin region, i.e. a jockstrap. So if you are 'jocking', i would hate to imagine what you are doing :)

PS:Did you see: During the last week, France teams met Australian teams (hi to Hutch in Sydney)

I support two teams: New Zealand, and anyone playing against Aussie. I will admit that their league team is undisputably the best though.

-rugby: we won (even they are Champions of the World)

They are only world champs because our coach sucked and the team was having some sort of crisis that is usually associated with women :)

-soccer : we won (we are still Champions of the World)

Hmmm, i still think France didn't deserve to make it to the final, and they won because Brazil played poorly.

We will see how many flames all this stirs up :alright:
Posted on 2001-11-18 19:20:49 by sluggy
is there a way to seperate the win32 api help portion from the rest of the help documentation?

i click on win32.chm and browse to the api functions and it displays no topic...

only way to get to them is to open up platsdk.chm and browse through a bunch of nested +'s...

don't really like the new way ms organizes their help files...but neway can i decompile them or something so that i can just use win32.chm?
Posted on 2001-11-18 22:30:24 by grv575

I support two teams: New Zealand, and anyone playing against Aussie. I will admit that their league team is undisputably the best though.

I forget who has the Bletesloe cup at the moment, union seems to be a game for fairies so it ain't like it matters much. :)

Lets see who cleans up in the tests this summer.


Posted on 2001-11-19 01:18:27 by hutch--
Hehe! I learnt 'jocking' in school, for me that means laughing.
But you know all we lear in school about foreign language is not always the truth.

What do you mean with 'Aussie'. I don't know this word. What 's that country or population ???

Posted on 2001-11-19 06:52:31 by Vom-bonjour:-()
grv575, the actual help is split in multiple .chm files. Win32.chm is
just introduction stuff. All of the .chm files are, as far as I know,
containing API stuff... there's just a lot of different stuff. If you only
want the core stuff (core services, GDI, winsock, etc) you can make
a copy of platsdk.col and open it in your favourite text editor. It's
a plain XML file, and pretty easy to edit, as long as you only want
to remove files. If you want to edit files, you will have to find "hhcolreg.dat",
which is located in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\HTML Help"
on a nt/2k system, and somewhere else on a win9x system :).
Posted on 2001-11-19 08:05:27 by f0dder

What do you mean with 'Aussie'.

An Aussie is a slang term for an Australian, i.e. hutch is an Aussie.

hutch: watch out for the Warriors this year :)

And to all Americans on this forum: if you can, watch some NRL Rugby League, seriously the toughest game in the world.

How did we (I) end up so far off topic? :alright:
Posted on 2001-11-19 15:12:27 by sluggy
Even though I live in the U.S. I have turned to
Australian Rules Football as my favorite sport.
Very few rules, almost constant action and
--although not as much contact as Rugby--plenty of
contact. We're lucky enough, with Uncle Rupert
Murdock's satellite empire, to see one game and
one highlight show a week.

Here in the southern U.S. I have to be careful
when I say I like Aussie Rules more than
American football. They think I'm a communist.

Posted on 2001-11-19 18:26:04 by farrier