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If teaching an individual to use a computer is bad, teaching someone to program one is worse.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Posted on 2004-09-03 05:22:25 by Pinczakko
lol, some of them are really funny - i like it.

this one matches here:
Back in my first year of school in computer science, we were learning Turbo Pascal. I remember one day looking over the shoulder of a guy who was writing some unreadable code by removing all possible spaces and empty lines.

* Me: "Why are you writing like that -- it's unreadable."
* Him: "I want to keep the code compact, so I get maximum speed when I execute the program."
Posted on 2004-09-03 14:37:09 by hartyl
I was literally ROTFL...
When I was studying programming, one of my classmates was having serious troubles with his program. When he asked me for help, I leaned over his screen and saw all of his code in comments. The reason: "Well, it compiles much faster that way."
Posted on 2004-09-04 21:00:42 by pelaillo