The point about Cuba is for show that a goberment is not always correct in his politics, by the way, the goberment here bypass one article in the Mexican constitution about free walk in the mexican territory the last week, and put a wall of metal about 3 m high blocking the streets, they take a politic of "protection" and violate my right.

I think we are involved... remember the words: "If you are not with us you are against us", is not your choice to think that we are not involved, your goberment as sayed that we are involved anyway against or in his part ;).

Anyway if your goberment asnt sayed that I will still thinking that we are involved. For what?, first because we live in the same world, second because actions normally dosent end where you think they end, they are more like a chain and by that moving chains or doing acts impact other chains or actions, third I not consider that the majority of the acts that have been passing are used in a good way, for me, my personal point of view, is that the people of north america was used, I dont know nothing about the attacks, but how after them where moved and used, controled the speech of the citizen "scare" me... or is more like impresion me.
Anyway best regards for you and your people, my best hope in this regard for me is that I have fail in watch externally the things that happend and I missunderstood but I not think I fail in all the case.

Have a nice day or night.

;), not to be pedantic, also is a personal point of view that I have over the things in this universe, but sure, you can teach calculus to a rock, pheraphs cant aply in paper our expresions about calculus, but a rock know this things, not the expresions, but the real physics, is: he stand in the same place only when a external factor move it (and his moving by the world movement), "can" understand if aplied a force in what direction will move, also the calculus isnt more acurated, because the rock is not like the models that we use for express the movement (is the movement), he used the friction, is form, the movement of his atoms, air and other things for do what a rock can do, and that is the end point, pheraphs you cant watch a rock writing down the formula, but sure it "understood" best what is energy and movement best than those expresions :oops: :roll: that is what I think about the rock.

By the way, dosent think that because all the other things that are not human are not important, they are important a lot, but we normally dosent see it. We tend to dismiss things that we see and use all the time (like the chair were you are sit) that become common and then become "inferior".
Posted on 2004-09-09 07:50:21 by rea

fuck liars, fuck that french journalist and shame to my country.
Posted on 2004-09-13 02:29:25 by HeLLoWorld
For those intrested theres a documentary 911- In Plane Site which analyzes this in a more indepth manner.

It's very well put together, not libereal bias like a Micheal Moore film or a conservative bias like foxnews but rather leaves the question to who and what did this. It caters to the anti-conspiracy theorists aswell as the conspiracy theorists.

From watching this documentary it's pretty clear that the Pentagon attack is very suspicious, seeing as how the estimated amount of Jet Fuel was 8,900 gallons which experts say would have put the Pentagon to rubbel, also I cannot simply back up a government which seizes further video of the crash under the clause of "national security", it's just like I don't get to see the full story so I'm against you.

As for the WTC Video it's clear that there is an object under the plane and that it is not an American Airlines jet and as the Radar cone smashes into WTC there is an immense explosion, 18-30 feet high which could not be caused but by some explosion that I account to be a bomb.

Sad story is that the media feeds it to us that Usama Bin Laden was responsible yet theres no proof of it thus far.

Anyways make your own views, intresting stuff none the less.
Posted on 2004-09-13 20:44:24 by archphase
A you comprovate it... yes there is no proof that oshama was, but the mass media ... interesting that they find first than the US goberment ;).

I have writed about that a long time a go, in a forum that not exist actually here. By the way, I feel a thing 6 +/- months before that day... interesting what one can feel :).
Posted on 2004-09-13 21:12:39 by rea