I just bought two Samsung 910T's and a dual DVI 6800 video card (2.4 megapixels). Yeah, I'm playing Doom3 on them, but really got them to ease coding. :) I set the reference material up on one and code on the other.

They rotate so I can use them in a full page mode - makes a huge difference for example reading in Acrobat, or seeing a large number of code lines at once. I'm attempting to not use paper books at home, again. Pencil and paper is just too flexible to be replaced by a monitor and keyboard/mouse.

Each monitor has two inputs, so I can hook all three computers to just these two monitors. Each monitor also has one red pixel - I can't find it unless I'm viewing something real dark. Movies look great as well.

The only analog output is sound, and I just upgraded to 5.1 surround but have no need to use digital output.
Posted on 2004-09-07 23:47:46 by bitRAKE