Hi there everyone,

I was just wandering as my project is not to far from completion -- well working wise and no protection scheme is implemented yet. I was wandering what would one do if you would like to publish the app and perhaps make some money from it? I mean, would you bring in a third party or would you (personally) stick to try and fund it yourself. (Would this include patentship/copyright ?). Why i am asking this is yes, as stated b4 i am approching completion and this board deals with the creative aspect of programming but i thought that others like myself would like to know what comes next.

As this would be my first successfully completed app in operational status.
I do know that if i bring in a third party then a busniss plan is required-- and this must be writen specifically for a general user as not to expect the third party to understand the implenetation of the app. But then the road fades and i see darkness... it becomes uncertan.

So can those with some experiance please enlighten me aleast -- and others who will like to publish and get something back for the time they have spent creating and working out parts of the app.

I know this board is a hobbist board, but the best job is doing your hobby :-D

Black iCE
Posted on 2004-09-08 04:12:02 by Black iCE
alot of ISPs give web pages with an account
if yours dose set up a web page to sell it on
or put it out as shareware
( assuming you don't want to out of pocket market it )

or make up some packages and sell them on ebay ( this option will cost money)
alot of people on this forum have web sites to sell there programs on
Posted on 2004-09-22 22:31:04 by rob.rice
I think it would be better to go without 3rd parties if you don't have something really big to sell. I am about to release one small shareware too so here's what I'll do once it's done:

1. open account on shareit or regnow which will provide you the service of selling app over the net. I prefer shareit since it has lower commission rate than regnow
2. create web site with the info about the app or your products generally. try to avoid free hosting and free domains if possible.
3. submit app to as much as possible download sites, list you can get here
(download.com is $100/month so for the start you can skip it if you are empty pockets)
4. the last step is to hope that someone will find your app useful enough to buy it :D
Posted on 2004-09-24 17:46:22 by Mikky