I'm writing a program, that's supposed to "fill" an internet form and send it. The form uses POST method to send the variables. So - I create the apropriate URL, use InternetCanonicalizeUrl, call InternetOpenUrl, check the errors and close the URL handle.

One of the vars, that are sent is a string. If I use only standard ASCII charset, it's allright - it does, what it's supposed to do. Troubles arise, when I try to send accented characters (????????, for example ). Then, it doesn't work as I want it to. It should display the string on HTML page, but the accented characters are "cut off". If I send some "normal" ones with them, those are displayed, but still not those accented. I dump out the URL that's being connected to and it looks alright to me - the InternetCanonicalizeUrl replaced all the characters as it was supposed to. However - it doesn't work. When I copy/paste the URL to my browser, it works.

Posted on 2004-09-11 06:21:15 by Oxyd