This is source code to emulate an ARM7TDMI processor (not yet finished).
It comes in a form of a plugin of my ProEmulator, with an
integrated GDB stub (not so perfect, but u can already connect to this
emulated processor with GDB (arm-elf-gdb) via TCP connection to do
source-level debugging). The main frame of the code, including the
plug-in interface, instruction decoding, GDB stub and GDB connector, is
written with VC6 while all of the instruction emulating rountines are
written with MASM32/RadASM. I will update the code here from now on.
Any suggestions or ideas on the source code is welcomed. To see the
emulator work, u need a ProEmulator which comes with GUI and ARM
assembler. If u can use GDB well, u can also try the console mode ProEmulator.
Posted on 2004-09-11 21:51:28 by optimus
Sorry I forgot to include all the header files needed to do a build in the zip
file. Just updated on the top (and also wrote some more description).
And I've also written a minimal console program to start the plug-in (a
DLL file). You can use a GDB to connect to control the emulator. This
version might be more suitable for developers who likes console
programs more, coz it outputs more information. ^_^
You can download it (including full source code) here.
Posted on 2004-09-12 22:50:59 by optimus