In the last months we were working on some new ideas to improve the ObjAsm32 OOP model and some objects, too. Since we want to share this important work, we decided to launch this update before the next official version. It is ready now to be downloaded from our homepage at -> Repository.
The downloaded zip files of this revision have to be extracted over the previous installation of version 1.3. The last file called contains all required files to complete this update.

Some of the novel features concern the following topics:
    Compilation Error Reporting
    Method Performance Monitoring
    DirectX 9.0c
    I?m also proud to announce that our development team has gained a new member whose nickname is UKV!

    Enjoy programming!

    Your ObjAsm32 Team :)

    Biterider / NaN / UKV
    Posted on 2004-11-22 06:18:14 by Biterider
    I?m glad to join into ObjAsm32 team and have introduced some new parts of ObjAsm32.

    New class ?OleDB? - allow working with any modern RDBMS.
    By using our new OleDB object you may easy write DB-based application.
    The OleDB object has SQL statement as input and produced sample recordset.
    Also you may use DDL (data definition language) statements of SQL language.
    The key futures of OleDB class are:
      1. Direct work with an Oledb-provider.
      2. Careful handle of database?s error.
      3. Sample usage.
      Enhances of ?XMenu? class - now support sidebar element (left ribbon/image) on menu.

      You may shows OleDB and new XMenu classes in action by run our demo application ? Demo22.

      Enhances of ?Graph2d? object ? now allow multiple plot lines.
      Now you may create application that has imitation of multi-channel oscilloscope.
      You may have as many channels as you need, also sets color and width of individual plot lines.

      Please use our demo application (Demo07) for shows this futures.

      We have recommended download you whole package of all our updates.
      This will be more convenient for apply all changes at once.
    Posted on 2004-11-22 07:47:21 by UKV
    I'm glad to see your oop model going from strength to strength - one of these days I'm going to have to try it on :P
    For now I will persevere with ATC mostly because I am very familiar with the code it produces, I understand how its indirection works.
    Posted on 2004-11-22 08:07:33 by Homer