I create a modal property sheet page with PropertySheet.
With my debugger I see that the return value is 0 if the user pressed CANCEL and it's 1 if the user pressed OK.
But I didn't found any documentation from microsoft about this. It is always true?
Posted on 2004-09-14 06:31:28 by greenant
The return value is the ID of the button last clicked. So it's IDCANCEL when the user hits "cancel", and IDOK when "Ok" was pushed. A similar reasoning gives you the possible return values for a wizard property sheet.

Hope that helps :)
Posted on 2004-09-14 10:49:06 by QvasiModo
Is it official or undocumented? It is the same for every version on windows?
Posted on 2004-09-14 15:21:52 by greenant
Undocumented AFAIK, I had observed this under Win98 back home. I'll verify this and post the common controls version as well. :)
Posted on 2004-09-16 08:53:50 by QvasiModo
My test were with Xp and common controls 6.
Posted on 2004-09-16 09:04:26 by greenant
Windows 98 Second Edition
Common controls 5.81

Property sheet:
0: Cancel
1: Ok

0: Cancel
1: Finish

My mistake, I thought this meant IDCANCEL and IDOK, but...
IDOK equ 1

...so I it's TRUE and FALSE then, like you said. :)
Posted on 2004-09-20 13:57:57 by QvasiModo
Thanks :alright:
Posted on 2004-09-20 14:36:14 by greenant