I got a question.
if i star a section ...lets say .data , but i don't need to edn it or anything in masm...however is there a keyword fro ending a section?
Posted on 2004-09-14 16:18:11 by ReVeR
ENDS i think does it (end section).. used it ages ago.. not really much point to it tho, compiler handles all the sections and sizes for you and you only really need 2 that being .code and .data tho u could merge them into 1 etc..
Posted on 2004-09-14 16:53:22 by evlncrn8
ok, it tried the next ones
none of them worked and gave me the following error:

error A2008: syntax error : .

this is how my ?data section looks like:
hInstance dd ?
CommandLine dd ?
hWnd dd ?
window db 512 dup(?)
Posted on 2004-09-18 09:00:39 by ReVeR
@CurSeg ENDS

It is working in any section (segment).

You can download Microsoft MASM programmers guide somewhere at this site:
Posted on 2004-09-18 13:27:40 by MazeGen