I'm playing more and more with mentioned operators. It seems that there are some situations when they do not work correctly, but I can't specify it more yet.
While browsing this board, I found some info. The following is cut and paste from some macros that I found:

From BitRAKE's fpc macro, at the bottom:

    IF (OPATTR(w)) EQ 0 ;; not defined 

dummy EQU $ ;; MASM error fix

From Four-F's $IsByte macro, at the bottom:
IF (TYPE Operand) EQ 1 

EXITM <-1>
ELSE ; dunno why, but (TYPE al, bl..) doesn't work

It seems I have similar problems. Is there any documentation about these bugs? It's pretty annoying to find the correct way of using them.

Heh, I just found some info at masmforum.com, by gfalen:
2- The opattr comand fails on 8 bit registers
The opattr bug has been fixed in v7.00.9466 which comes with the XP DDK. The conversion bug is still present.

Posted on 2004-09-16 18:06:52 by MazeGen
...not as annoying as finding the bugs. :D

There was a thread in the heap on MASM bugs. I can't find it ATM. There is an error with multi-dimensional STRUCTs and only the first item in UNION can be initiatlized, and some other stuff...

...I'll see if I can find it.
Posted on 2004-09-16 18:41:12 by bitRAKE
...not as annoying as finding the bugs. :D


Please, do you more about the "dummy EQU $ MASM error fix" while using OPATTR? That seems to be important to me...
...I'll see if I can find it.

I very appreciate your help, bitRAKE.

I think it'd be very useful having such "MASM-bugs-list thread" in FAQ, wouldn't it?
Posted on 2004-09-16 19:01:44 by MazeGen
The "dummy EQU $" is only useful for segment switches within a macro, iirc. Maelstrom, was the source of the refined solution. Please, read the following thread for a greater understanding of it's use:


I've have put some effort into looking for the other thread and I can't find it.
Posted on 2004-09-16 21:40:05 by bitRAKE
Thanks for the thread, it's clear now. Now I know more so I can proceed with coding. :)
Posted on 2004-09-17 03:26:46 by MazeGen