I just tried this, but neither of the two ways works. I don't get it why... Any ideas? Some working sample code?

Posted on 2004-09-25 07:55:19 by siddhartha
Gremaf -> listview.asm -> line 358

;Extended styles
invoke SendMessage, hList, LVM_SETEXTENDEDLISTVIEWSTYLE, 0, \
Posted on 2004-09-25 08:01:33 by greenant
This is what I do:

.elseif uMsg==WM_INITDIALOG
invoke GetDlgItem,hWin,1101
mov hList,eax

but it doesn't work. Neither the other way. What can be the reason?

Posted on 2004-09-25 08:04:50 by siddhartha
Are you sure it doesn't work?
Posted on 2004-09-25 08:11:33 by greenant
Yes, I am quite sure! It neither works with LVS_EX_GRIDLINES! I will dig the problem, but if anyone has suggestion - they are welcome!

Posted on 2004-09-25 08:34:41 by siddhartha
Hm, perhaps you have a really old windows and internet explorer version?
Posted on 2004-09-25 08:37:28 by f0dder
You need at least Internet Explorer 3.x (common controls 4.70)
Please report the return value of your send message.
Do you have spy++?
Posted on 2004-09-25 08:43:12 by greenant
Yes, I have spy++. I'll check and post the result code. And, no, my Windows isn't old - XP with IE 6.0. That's not the problem. I know that I should have at least common controls 4.70 and I do! After a while I'll post the code.

Posted on 2004-09-25 08:46:35 by siddhartha
It returns nothing... If no more suggestions are offered I can post the code? Will someone take a proper look at it, please? Thanks!

Posted on 2004-09-25 08:51:57 by siddhartha
Did you call InitCommonControlsEx?

Run the program.
Run spy++
Click on the 5th button and drag&drop the finder tool onto your listview
Write down the extra listview styles
Repeat the action with spy++
Write down the new extra listview styles.

Also check the return value

Return Value

Returns a DWORD value that contains the previous extended list-view control styles.
Posted on 2004-09-25 08:54:00 by greenant
I haven't invoked InitCommonControlsEx, but now I did with the structure parameters from your program - Gremaf, and it neither works. Without setting extended styles - 5000000F. With it - 5000000F. In other words it doesn't set it. I can't explain to myself why...

When I edit the style directly from RadASM - it works and spy++ shows the change, but if I do it in runtime - it doesn't work.

Posted on 2004-09-25 09:04:05 by siddhartha