CHECK IT OUT !!!!!!!!!
Posted on 2004-09-20 08:05:36 by rob.rice
Whoa.. Impressive amount of knowledge.
Posted on 2004-09-20 19:33:44 by omega_red
yea I could have tilted this thread

"what do you want to learn today?"
Posted on 2004-09-20 19:57:04 by rob.rice
Amazing :o :o :o

Thanks a lot !
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Posted on 2004-09-22 06:04:57 by HeLLoWorld
Whoa.. Impressive amount of knowledge.
And time to take it...

Posted on 2004-09-22 06:49:36 by rea
I just wanted to pull this thread off the back page
Posted on 2005-04-01 17:38:46 by rob.rice
Some admin coult make it sticky... :)
Posted on 2005-04-04 17:30:04 by QvasiModo
I think it would be nice to have a sticky thread for links to stuff like
free software
resources like this
other forums
assembly programming sites

and other things that would be usefull
to not just assembly but to just using a computer
Posted on 2005-04-06 13:48:55 by rob.rice
Wow what am impressive list!

For those who are interested in particularly Math and Computing the is also
Posted on 2005-09-04 06:06:24 by mlondi
Thans a lot  :lol: :lol: :lol:
Posted on 2005-10-10 12:13:48 by zaiboot
Hey maybe I'm stupid, but isn't there any way to download it and view it offline?
Posted on 2005-10-11 20:06:57 by ti_mo_n
You can use for example wintrack or htttrack (or some like that)... or also wget in linux...
Posted on 2005-10-12 09:21:31 by rea
From what I see it downloads the web files only. What about the RealMedia files, which are streamed?
Posted on 2005-10-12 16:06:53 by ti_mo_n
Try and track down StreamBoxVCR for downloading realmedia streams. I don't have it here unfortunately but I have used it and it's good.
Posted on 2005-11-29 11:36:32 by stormix

31. Is it possible to save the RealPlayer video files to a disk or to my hard drive?
Most of the video that MIT OCW provides is in a Real Video format delivered through streaming servers. Our goal in providing video in this format (in multiple bit rates) is to enable users with a variety of Internet connections to sample MIT OCW video offerings with a common browser plug-in without having to download large media files. However, users with slow connections will not enjoy a quality video experience.

You will find that you can download our streaming video file if you prefer to play these files off-line. MIT OCW video files stored on the Akamai network will have URLs that look something like this:

If you want to download this file and play it off-line, use the following URL -- the only difference is in the first part of the URL:

On many browsers the download program will prompt you for a local directory in which to download the file; with Microsoft Internet Explorer, it will automatically download the file to the "Temporary Internet Files" directory. This directory can typically be found at "c\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\" You can also change or view this folder from the Tools...Internet Options... Menu bar.  Select the "Settings" button in the Temporary Internet Files section.
Posted on 2005-12-05 13:01:06 by mistronr1