I've been offline for a while and I thought I would try out RadASM (nice IDE man). I had been using it on Win2kPro without errors, then I moved to a house where my room mate was using Win98SE. When I tried to load up Devide (a development IDE I'm writing using RadASM) it worked fine, but when I closed RadASM and opened it back up, it would crash right after the splash screen. This ONLY happened on 98SE so i thought I would check into it. What I found was that RadASM was crashing when trying to load the MRU list. So, after playing around a bit, I found that if I removed all MRU entries in the INI file when it was crashing, it would work flawlessly. It seems that the MRU entry was (for some unknown reason) being spanned across two lines, eg.

e Advanced Development Environment

So each time it would crash (which was anytime I loaded a project on 98SE and had to reload RadASM) I would simply make the entry.


And it would work fine. I'm sorry I could not give any more information than this, I'm not currenly at the computer in question. I'm also sorry that I won't be able to respond too much to this thread due to personal problems (i'm temporarily homeless/jobless).

From what I can tell, this is a very nice IDE, although a little much to get used to since I'm more used to VIM under FreeBSD with NASM. But things were layed out cleanly enough that I was able to catch on very quickly. Although I don't see myself using this as my default IDE, I think it is perfect for those starting out. Good job KetilO

Bryant Keller (aka Synfire)

Posted on 2004-09-22 11:53:35 by Synfire
Hi Synfire

Hope you will find a job soon.

I am using RadASM on Win98SE and have never had this problem.
Maybe there is some garbage in the project (.rap) file.
Try to open it in notepad and have a look at:


Posted on 2004-09-22 15:17:15 by KetilO

I checked the rap file and nothing seems wrong. So I took a trip down to my sisters house and tried it on her 98SE system and it worked fine. I figure it must be some odd configuration in my buddies system that is causing it. If I get a chance to look into it more, I'll let you know my findings. But just in case someone else has similar problems where RadASM suddenly crashes upon loading, tell them to try deleting the MRU entries in the ini file before they go and delete their project. It could save a lot of headaches. I'll put this into my "Todo" list as something to check into. I love finding and fixing problems, hince why I tend to get jobs as a beta tester.

Sorry it took so long to reply, and thank you for replying yourself.

Bryant Keller (aka Synfire)
Posted on 2004-09-26 16:49:14 by Synfire