hi, I'm from Turkey. I have english language some.
But, I'm question very important. The answer find not for my question:
I want a any small file write/read a special sector on 3.5 inch diskette. Because, I will use this method for my writing program for security. thus, my program users, my program not install two or 3,4,5,.. computer. Your idea? This problem solutions with a small visualbasic or assembly code-s? You hope understand me. please send to codes me (vb codes or assembly or other languages codes)

My e-mail adress: ozerexpress@hotmail.com
My home adress: Sirabademler mahallesi, 218. Sokak, No: 15 16700 Karacabey/BURSA-TURKEY.
Good studies to you and very thanks...
Posted on 2004-09-24 13:20:43 by ozerexpress