I've enabled the two settings in my local security policy to allow automatic recovery console logins and access to all folders. The automatic logging in seems to work but I still get Access is Denied when I try to rename folders other than Windows (the %SystemRoot%).

Is there a way around this, the drive is ntfs so I can't use my old win 98 cd booting into dos to change things either :( .
Posted on 2004-09-25 09:22:09 by Eóin
If all else fails, get ERD Commander, or (if you have XP or 2003) the free BartPE - google.
Posted on 2004-09-25 09:26:00 by f0dder
I tried BartPE and it worked like a charm, thanks for the link f0dder. I'd say it could prove invaluable in the future.
Posted on 2004-09-25 11:39:26 by Eóin
I haven't tried BartPE yet myself, as I had ERD cmdr available in the few emergencies... but it's more or less the same thing, exept ERD has a couple of tools. I should look at BartPE though, it seems very interesting. Glad it helped :)
Posted on 2004-09-25 11:49:55 by f0dder