hi all,

i need a suggestion ti perform a continuos serial reading and writing.

I need to read several parameters from serial port, keeping them in memory, ready to be read from other applications.
But in the same time i need to write commands in the same serial port.

The important thing is that i don't won't the system delay my bit train in TX.

How could be the better way ? Using CreateThread, doing driver vxd or what ?

Many thanks

Posted on 2001-11-20 00:57:29 by Bit7
Without writing a VxD, you are left with ReadFile/WriteFile API's plus the extra serial IO API's.

The API's will do what you tell them to do, in an easy manner. Ie, read this much data, write this much data.

A VxD will allow you to do whatever you can do, you will probably have problems fitting in with the existing serial port drivers
Posted on 2001-11-20 04:18:52 by huh