I'm getting the impression my e-mail is bouncing. Anybody else that tried to send me an e-mail but failed?

RCPT To:<hiroshimator@win32asmcommunity.net>
And win32asmcommunity.net [] responded with
550 to verify they are valid."
Posted on 2004-09-28 12:22:58 by Hiroshimator
yep, i get the same error.
Posted on 2004-09-28 17:30:14 by abc123
hmm deleting and then recreating my account seems to have fixed it :/

I may have missed e-mails if people have send me some in the past few (about 5 I think) days. If any of the other accounts have problems, let me know and I'll try to fix them.

Kind of spooky that you know something is wrong with your mail when the spam levels drop :P
Posted on 2004-09-28 22:36:12 by Hiroshimator