I am reading this [thread] on www.osnews.com about IE.

There are many comments about standards compliance and how mozilla and firefox are because they are standards compliant and how much IE sucks and so on.

I got to thinking, if everything was standards compliant, in the manner that the OSS community thinks of it (e.g., nothing that is not a standards is implemented) than how would any innovation take place?

I thought that a vendor implements something and then it eventually may become a standard that everyone can support but it is acceptable to make vendor-specific features in the meantime in order to keep a competitive edge.

Now, if only standards were supported and implemented than my opinion is that innovation would greatly be reduced. I do not have much faith that the OSS community is quick enough to create, agree, then implement a standard quickly enough or before someone forks the source into another project because of lack of vision or direction.

Not supporting or badly supporting existing standards is another problem, but that isn't the discussion of this thread.

What do you think?

Posted on 2004-10-01 02:02:24 by _Shawn
If there's a committee controlling the standard (ie, W3C) and you go around the committee, your extensions should be clearly marked as extensions, so you avoid developers thinking it's standard features. If the extension becomes widely accepted, it should be feature-locked, and perhaps finally included in the standard (can be renamed to a non-extension-looking name). But making extensions is okay, otherwise innovation is stifled (think of how much more sucky OGL would be if extensions hadn't existed...)

The much worse thing in case of Microsoft and web standards, however, is that MS doesn't always implement the standard features they way they're supposed to be implemented - and seem to have no intention of fixing these bugs. There's problems with Cascading Style Sheets, for instance. I'm not a web developer, but I'm sure a web developer could point out a lot of standard violations.
Posted on 2004-10-01 03:11:01 by f0dder
I's not about OSS vs CSS. it's simply about wether a program adheres to a given set of standards or not.

MS is a prominant member of the W3C, they have (intentionally) neglected IE in the standards compliance department and it's shamefully an old dragon now (CSS2/3 are very nice if implemented fully)

Standards are an agreement, just because 90% of this world's population is too ignorant to use anything but IE doesn't mean it should be considered a standard (hell that would be a few steps back.. although I do like their box model better)
Posted on 2004-10-02 07:53:46 by Hiroshimator