would anyone know how to implement this?

ok i want to create a group of pixels lets say a straight line of pixels


kinda like that. anyway it's just a group of pixels but lets say i wanted to be able to identify just those groups of pixels in my program. so i want to give it a handle. then i want to be able to manipulate it using the handle ive given to identify it?. would anyone know how to implement such a thing it could just be application specific without the use of api's to identify it maybe using some sort of table with handles in it to describe the certain group of pixels?. such as a line,circle,hexagon etc. being able to create my own windows this way without the operating system managing all my handles for me i think would be pretty cool. i figure i could use this to maybe draw the captions to my windows etc using setpixel then defining those groups of pixels and giving them a handle. so i could manipulate them with my own code would be cool.
Posted on 2004-10-02 02:04:14 by HeXeN