hello coders,
Please help me with this.Thanks to all of u in advance.
I had a query in my mind. The querry is that can we send messages from outlook from commandline???
I am desperate to know the answer.Why???
coz i am using
invoke ShellExecute, hWnd,offset lpmymail,0,0,0
lpmymail db "mailto:nickdigital@rediffmail.com?Subject=Test&Body=Just testing the example",0

to open a default mail browser with my mail address, subject, message.
i was just mystified if we can send a mail from commandline then i could pass the parameters to this function and make the window hide and thus get the mail from him.
Is it possible??? Kindly satisfy my querry.
If u know of some other soln then please lemme know
i also want to know some professional or easy way to create a mailer
Posted on 2004-10-02 06:05:36 by nickdigital
In my opinion best solution is coding a winsock client that connects to a smtp-server and then sends the mail....for more information on this here is a useful link concerning mail transfer to a smtp-server:
Writing a winsock client should be easiest by using the ws32_2 apis socket & connect (blocking-sockets)

I think there is also a com-object to work especially with Outlook, but that's none of my business 8)

Posted on 2004-10-02 09:11:02 by Dom